Hometown: I grew up on the Texas coast, but have lived most of my life in Austin.

Year moved to Austin: first in 1991 and again in 2003

Years at UT: started in 2004

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: I have experience in a variety of pharmacy settings. While most of my career has been in community pharmacy, I have also worked in a mail-order facility and at Arlington Memorial Hospital.

Interests: My leisure time is spent hanging out with my family and going to see live music. I also enjoy playing trombone and bass guitar.



Hometown: Spring, TX (a suburb north of Houston)

Year moved to Austin: 1993

Years at UT: 10

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: I worked for Walgreens as a technician for 10 years before becoming a pharmacist, and I continued on as a pharmacy manager for 5 additional years before joining UT. My work at UT also includes developing continuing education programs for the College of Pharmacy.

Interests:​ My interests revolve around spending time with my family, and keeping active outdoors whenever possible. A guilty pleasure is catching 10 minutes of reality t.v.!

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Hometown: I was born in Coventry, England but completed my schooling in a 1 traffic-light town in Texas called Hallettsville.

Year moved to Austin: 1990

Years at UT: 5 total ( 2 years undergraduate and 3 years pharmacy school )

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: I was part of the Rx acquistion team at during the dotcom era and then moved back to Texas to be the Pharmacy Manager at Target Pharmacy.

Interests: As a family, we love to travel domestically and internationally. I also enjoy attending collegiate sports events with my family.



Hometown: San Diego, CA

Year moved to Austin: 2007

Years at UT: I was a student at UT from 2007 to 2014 and started working at Forty Acres Pharmacy in 2015

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: Pharmacy manager at CVS

Interests:​ I enjoy hanging out with my dog and traveling.



Hometown: Branchburg, New Jersey (Central Jersey)

Year moved to Austin: 2002-05, 2008 - present

Years at UT: seven years as Clinical Assistant Professor; three years as pharmacist at Forty Acres Pharmacy

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: I worked for Walgreens as an intern/technician for 5 years before becoming a pharmacist. I completed a Community Pharmacy Residency with Walgreens at the University of Houston. I also worked at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in California for a few years.

Interests:​ I love spending time with my dog, George. I enjoy any activity...


Pharmacy Technician

Debbie spent most of her childhood in Germany, where she was born, due to her father being in the military.

She has worked for UT since 2011 and in the pharmacy field for 10 years.

When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the local food scene and farmer's markets. She lives in south Austin with her husband, young son and their dog, Leroy.


Pharmacy Tech

Year moved to Austin: I grew up in Central Illinois. I moved to Austin in 1993 though I have been in Texas since 1983.

Years at UT: I started working at Forty Acres Pharmacy in 2016

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: I have been a Certified Pharmacy Technician since March 2004 and have worked in Compounding, Oncology and Infectious Disease pharmacies.

Interests: I like kayaking and fishing, usually doing both at the same time. I am also involved with Dog Agility competitions and action photography. As well as dog rescue and spending time with my family.


Pharmacy Technician

Hometown: I grew up in Corpus Christi, TX.

Year moved to Austin: First time 94-96 then again in 2000.

Years at UT: I started in 2003.

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: My previous technician jobs have been at an independent children's pharmacy, 11 years at a big chain grocery pharmacy and even a mail-order allergy injection pharmacy.

Interests:​ My current hobbies are creating homemade gifts from ideas I find on Pinterest and Candy Crush.


p: 512-471-1824

f: 512-475-8218