Hometown: I was born in Florida by the coast, but moved to Austin when I was four and consider it my home town.

Year Moved to Austin: I moved to Austin when I was a small child back in 1994

Years at UT: I started at UT back in August 2008 and graduated with my BS in Biochemistry in December 2011. After a brief break from school, I started pharmacy school at UT in August 2013 and graduated in May 2017. I began working at Forty Acres Pharmacy in Jan 2018.

Previous pharmacy-related jobs: I interned with CVS pharmacy while I was in pharmacy school. After graduating and getting my pharmacist license, I began working at The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center where I currently work in addition to the Forty Acres Pharmacy.

Interests: I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking in town lake, as well as physical indoor activities like bouldering at Austin Bouldering Project. I play flag football and/or basketball during my time off, and follow professional/collegiate leagues related to these sports. I love tacos and Texas barbecue. I am a huge Star Wars fan. I also appreciate cute puppies.

Wednesday, Aug 22

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p: 512-471-1824

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p: 512-471-1824

f: 512-475-8218