Closing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening: Forty Acres Pharmacy will close its operation and transfer pharmacy services to H-E-B Pharmacy located on campus in the Health Transformation Building (HTB).

When: This transfer will occur on August 3, 2021.

Why is this happening? As an independent pharmacy operation, Forty Acres Pharmacy has been affected by the same factors that have resulted in the closure or sale of countless independent pharmacies across the country. Increasing costs of prescription medications combined with decreasing insurance payments simply made it unfeasible to continue operating.

What happens to my prescription information or my refills? Effective August 3, 2021, Forty Acres Pharmacy will transfer all prescription files to H-E-B Pharmacy located on campus in the Health Transformation Building (HTB). Starting on that day, pharmacy patients should contact HEB at (512)320-9998 or through its website for refills or questions about their prescriptions.

Can I still use Forty Acres Pharmacy until then? Forty Acres Pharmacy will continue filling prescriptions and providing pharmacy services until August 2, 2021.

Are any services offered by University Health Services affected by this decision? UHS will continue to offer the same high-quality medical services as always. Starting August 3, any prescriptions that are issued by UHS providers can be sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, whether it be H-E-B or an outside pharmacy.

Will the cost of my prescriptions go up? If you have prescription insurance coverage, your medication cost will likely not change. Most insurance plans have the same copays regardless of the pharmacy you choose.

For patients without prescription insurance, H-E-B offers many affordable options, including the $4 Generics program. Contact H-E-B at (512) 320-9998 or visit their website for more information.

Will I have to walk over to the Health Transformation Building to pick up my prescription? In addition to the services located at H-E-B Pharmacy in HTB, H-E-B will also provide delivery services to the campus area. More information about this option will be available soon.

What if I want my prescription(s) transferred to a different pharmacy? If you would like to have your prescription(s) transferred to a different pharmacy, please contact that pharmacy directly and ask them to call Forty Acres Pharmacy at (512)471-1824 (until August 2) or H-E-B Pharmacy at (512)320-9998 (after August 3) and it will transfer the prescription for you.